The Most Economical Long Pilgrimage Program Reliable Hajj Visa 39N/40D Days Departing 10-15 May
Price per person from US$8,491

The Most Economical Long Pilgrimage Program Reliable Hajj Visa 39N/40D Days Departing 10-15 May

Price per person
Price per person
The Most Economical Long Pilgrimage Program Reliable Hajj Visa 39N/40D Days Departing 10-15 May

The Long Hajj Program, 39N/40D Days Accommodation

At Salam Booking, we prioritize the peaceful performance of sacred duties for the entire Muslim world and offer all our resources for a safe journey. Our expert team in Mecca and Medina will personally attend to each of our guests, accompanying you throughout the pilgrimage. Our esteemed instructors will guide you to complete your Hajj and worship with peace of mind. All your transfers will be provided comfortably. We are here to offer the best service at the most reasonable prices and to be a means to lasting friendships for years to come. Experience the privilege of traveling with Salam Booking, a destination for safe travel that is open to innovation and proven with quality. Flights from Istanbul, transfers, accommodation in 5-star hotels within walking distance, taxes for all visits, ticket and entrance fees, open buffet breakfasts, and dinners are all included.

Tour Dates:

Departure Date: May 10 - 15

Return Date: June 20 - 25


Mecca: Serviced Hotel - Accommodation in standard/normal hotels in the Şişe Ravza Köprü district, within a maximum of 4-5 km to the Masjid al-Haram.

Medina: Standard Type - Accommodation in standard/normal hotels within walking distance in the Central Area of Medina.

*You can contact us via WhatsApp to get detailed information using this link.

*All Muslim Friendly Tours Powered by Salam Booking - Certificated Travel Agency(TURSAB) #15093

Guided in Turkish

Payments are accepted via Credit Card in installments provided by your bank or through Bank Transfer.

Documents Required for Registration:

Passport (with a minimum validity of 6 months from the return date of the program)

For Detailed Information:

WhatsApp: +90 546 815 8423

*We are with you with the highest quality, affordable, and comprehensive tour programs. Moreover, you don't need to deal with extra expenses! We will be delighted to see you on our next journey."


Day 1: Madinah

Day 2: Madinah

Day 3: Madinah

Day 4: Madinah, Makkah

Day 5: Makkah

Day 6: Makkah

Day 7: Makkah

Day 8: Makkah

Day 9: Makkah

Day 10: Makkah

Day 11: Makkah

Day 12: Makkah

Day 13: Makkah

Day 14: Makkah

Day 15: Makkah

Day 16: Makkah

Day 17: Makkah

Day 18: Makkah

Day 19: Makkah

Day 20: Makkah

Day 21: Makkah

Day 22: Makkah

Day 23: Makkah

Day 24: Makkah

Day 25: Makkah

Day 26: Makkah

Day 27: Makkah

Day 28: Makkah

Day 29: Makkah

Day 30: Makkah

Day 31: Makkah

Day 32: Makkah

Day 33: Makkah

Day 34: Makkah

Day 35: Makkah

Day 36: Makkah

Day 37: Makkah

Day 38: Makkah

Day 39: Makkah

Day 40: Makkah

  • Round-trip plane ticket.
  • Umrah visa and Consulate procedures.
  • All applicable taxes.
  • Diyanet Presidency procedures.
  • Mandatory travel health insurance.
  • Accommodation for the number of nights specified in the program at the specified hotels.
  • Half-board meals (breakfast and dinner) at the specified hotels for this program, lunch box.
  • All transfers, including reception and farewell, between Mecca and Medina.
  • All the visit places in Mekka and Medina as listed below.
  • 3 Umrah rituals (first arrival, Hudeybiye, and Cirane Umrah)
  • Access to health centers and translation services 24/7 during the journey.
  • Religious and administrative guidance services provided by Vecdtur Tourism throughout the journey.
  • Foreign exit fee (150 ₺)
  • Personal expenses

Important Informations

Dear guests, thank you for choosing Salam Booking for your holiday. We look forward to providing you with a memorable and fulfilling travel experience. We would like to provide you with some useful information during the program. 

Salaat Times: Please don't forget to bring your prayer rug and slippers on every tour. Depending on the region, there may not always be a mosque or prayer facility available at all times. Your guide will direct you to the nearest place to pray. 

Tickets: Your tickets are electronic, and you will receive your boarding pass from the airline attendant at the counter by providing your name. For international flights, you need to be at the airport at least 3 hours before departure time, and for domestic flights, you need to be there 2 hours before. 

Passports and Other Documents: Participants who are unable to obtain their passports will receive them from our staff at the airport. Those who did not send their passports to our company must bring their passports and identification with them and check the passport's expiration date. 

Cancellation & Refund Policy:  

The entire service fee must be paid at the time of registration. 

If the customer cancels the service up to 30 days before the service, taxes, fees, etc. that must be paid, except for costs arising from legal obligations, will be refunded in full (100%). If the customer cancels the service less than 30 days before the service, taxes, fees, etc. that must be paid, 50% of the price paid, excluding costs arising from legal obligations, will be refunded to the customer. If the customer cancels the service less than 15 days before the service, no refund will be made. If a refund fee must be paid, it will be refunded to the customer in the same manner in which they paid. If the agency unjustly terminates the contract, the agency will return all payments made by the customer to the customer within 14 days. 

Health: You may not find every medication or equivalent in Turkey, so make sure you bring your prescription medications with you. Additionally, we recommend that you visit for more information. 

During the Journey: We kindly request that you pay attention to your group leader's departure times to minimize time loss during your journey. As with any trip, we recommend that you store valuable items and money in the hotel safe. In the unfortunate event of damage, loss, etc. to personal belongings, please inform your group leader immediately. Smoking is not permitted on any flight. Please check your luggage tags after each flight. Public phone booths are available in cities to make phone calls with a phone card. We recommend that you take the hotel's business card when checking in. 

 I’m a solo female traveller – can I join this trip too? We typically get at least a couple of solo female travellers on each trip and you can count on us to make your experience feel as if you’re travelling with friends. 

I can’t make the dates but I really want to experience with you, can you help? Sure! Bring at least 9 other friends/family members and we can recreate the same experience on dates that work for you. Fill in the booking form with your request and leave the rest to us! 

How much spending money should I bring? You’ll only really need money for souvenirs, meals outside of those included above and any tips you many wish to give your guides and driver. Everything else – transport, tickets for experiences and historical suites, tours, main meals are covered by us. 

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